Samurai Punk
Based in Melbourne, Australia

Founding date:
March 11, 2014


Press / Business contact:
[email protected]


The American Dream



Samurai Punk is a small Melbourne-based independent game developer that creates games with love and care.


Early History / Hazumino (2013 - 2014)

As university students, Nicholas McDonnell and Winston Tang unofficially formed Samurai Punk after Global Game Jam 2013 where they first worked together on Samurai XX. The pair quickly established a quirky style and out-of-the-box design sense with their 2013 jam games including FROWNTOWN, Connections and Bear Attack. Riding on the momentum from their game jam experience, Samurai Punk began work on their first major project and officially established as a company for it’s release of Hazumino on iOS and Android in April 2014.

Screencheat (2014 - 2016)

Prototyped at the January 2014 Global Game Jam, Screencheat was released as a fully-featured multiplayer experience on Steam/GOG/Humble release in October 2014. After it’s release, Samurai Punk continued to work on the title adding content and polish over the next year. The final version of Screencheat was launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in March 2016.

Fruits of a Feather (2016)

Taking a break after being deep in the porting mines of Screencheat, Samurai Punk developed Fruits of a Feather, a small-form game where you explore a vast island environment as bird. Released on itch.io the game has been well received with multiple press features and positive user feedback.

The American Dream (2016 - 2017)

Announced in late 2016 at PAX West, The American Dream is a satirical virtual reality trip through a 1950s world’s fair where players learn how guns will help them live life to the fullest. It is Samurai Punk’s first foray into VR is slated for a late 2017 release.



There are currently no trailers available for Samurai Punk. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


There are far more images available for Samurai Punk, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Australian Game Developer Awards 2015 - Technical Excellence" - Screencheat, October, 2015
  • "Indie Prize Showcase - Most Innovative Game" - Screencheat, May, 2015
  • "Indie Prize Showcase - Best Multiplayer" - Screencheat, May, 2015
  • "Freeplay - Finalist for Best Design" - Screencheat, April, 2015
  • "IGN Black Beta Select Awards - Runner Up for Best Aussie/NZ-Made Game" - Screencheat, February, 2015
  • "Kotaku Awards 2014 - Runner Up for Australian Game of the Year" - Screencheat, December, 2014
  • "PAX Aus - Australian Indie Showcase" - Screencheat, October, 2014
  • "PAX Prime - Indie MEGABOOTH" - Screencheat, August, 2014
  • "The Guardian - Featured by The Guardian's Top Android Apps of the Week" - Hazumino, May, 2014
  • "AppsZoom - Top Pick App" - Hazumino, May, 2014
  • "Melbourne Global Game Jam 2014 - Jamers Choice for Best Game" - Screencheat, February, 2014
  • "Melbourne Global Game Jam 2014 - Honorable Mentions for Best Accessibility, Best Use of Theme and Judge's Choice for Best Game" - Screencheat, February, 2014
  • "Melbourne Global Game Jame 2013 - Runner Up for Most Accessible Game" - Samurai XX, 12 February, 2013

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Nicholas McDonnell

Winston Tang

Justin Whitfort

Darcy Sandall

Cyrian Guillaume

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